Responding to His Love

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There’s a wideness in God’s mercy like the wideness of the sea.

Jesus’ call to each one of us is a call to be aware of His presence, to turn toward Him and to surrender to His love. This is the call He offers me each and every day of my life. My response is never once for all. As Anthony of the Desert said, ‘Every morning I must say again to myself, today I start.'”   (Surrender to Love by David Benner, p.75)

It sounds so simple. God wants us to be aware of His presence. Of course He does! How deeply it hurts when the one we love takes no notice of us, has no time for us, or seems oblivious to our desire to be with them. Relationship is connection, being dialed in to the internal state of the other, living in awareness of the thoughts and feelings of the one we love. How utterly amazing that God wants this kind of connection with us. God is with us and He wants us to know it!  More than that, He wants us to experience His presence.

There is not a second that passes in which God is not completely aware and empathizing with what concerns us. His love surrounds us, fills us, and penetrates every part of our being at all times. His invitation is simply for us to receive. That is actually easier than it sounds. Openness to love requires vulnerability, a letting down of our protective defenses…many of which are so second nature to us that we no longer know they are defenses. Yet, that is what our healing journey is about. It is a journey to become more and more able to receive and rest in His love and thus become more like Him. God calls us to brave vulnerability in His presence. There we find the safety and love we long for.

So each day is a new start. Each day is an incredible opportunity to respond to His extravagant love. This is my desire – to live in the Ocean of His Love, aware of His nearness, attuned to His heart.


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