About Val

me and jimmies

Enjoying a platter of jimmies at Chick’s Oyster Bar in Va. Beach

I am first and foremost a lover of Jesus. He found me when I was 19 and brought me into His divine community with the Father and the Spirit. I will be grateful for all eternity for His saving love. It was shortly thereafter that He called me to serve His Church.

After many years of discerning, searching, and studying the Scriptures (How can God call a woman to pastoral ministry after all?) I was ordained in the Episcopal Church in May of 2000. What a joy and privilege it is to do that which fulfills our hearts’ desire!

But lest one immediately put me in the – oh, one of those liberal female – boxes, I hasten to say, I am not. His Word is true!  I believe it ALL!  I should not have to defend God’s choice to use women and men alike in ministry, so I won’t. He just does. It’s there in His Word.

The things that give me the most joy in life are preaching the Word of God, celebrating the Eucharist, and seeing Jesus heal lives in Formational Prayer. Whenever I am privileged to do these things I am supremely blessed. Second to those things I enjoy (in no particular order) eating beignets at Café Du Monde in the French Quarter, listening to live jazz, and spending a day out on the water with friends.

A few other random details:  I’ve spent a lot of time in school. But I must always be careful not to succumb to the temptation to think that lots of education makes me any more special (or smarter) than the next person. I just love to learn. I am not married. Never have been. But that doesn’t mean I never want to be. I still welcome the idea if the right man comes along. I love the outdoors, mostly the beach. I can’t get enough of being by the ocean, or the gulf. Lakes don’t do much for me. I like to snorkel.  I LOVE clear water. St. Thomas and St. John are my favorite islands. I believe the Church should not only be defending the unborn, but also all those without a voice… including animals. My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice (the 2005 version). My current favorite television show is The Big Bang Theory. My favorite food is hot and spicy Louisiana boiled crawfish with an ice-cold Barq’s in a bottle.  Oh, I love SEC football!   Roll Tide and Hail State!


 Teddy Balius – the BEST companion in the world!

ted close up


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  1. Hey, Sis. Nice bio. I’m glad you got into Big Bang, too. While it still sings the “easy sex” mantra of our age, the writing and ensemble acting otherwise make it a joy to watch. I am praying for you!!

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